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  • Summer 2013:Lyme Disease Alert, Natural Hoof Care, Saskatchewan Wagon Train and Trail Ride, Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm, Peace Draft Horse Club, Wanham Plowing Match, Wanham Plowing Match Score Card, Wanham Plowing Match Log Skid, Ticks Are More Than Just A Nuisance, Greetings from Manitoba, Two Friends
  • Spring 2013: Earthwise Farm and Forest, Corn Binding and Stooking,
    Working Horse Memories, Living the Dream, Oxen, Memories of George,
    Horse Camping, Horse Logging Workshop at Orchard Hill Farm, Sam
    Wamboldt’s Horse Logging, How to Purchase a Horse, Atlantic Draft
    Horse Supply 
  • Winter 2012/2013: Horse Drawn Wagon Ride for Christmas Tree Cutting, Blackcomb Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides, Horse Powered Farming Returns to Reidsville, Horse Power, Leeds County Draft Horse Club, My Life with Horses in Nova Scotia, Molly the Pony – a True Story, Francis Family Reunion 2012, Lynn Miller at Alberta Carriage Supply, Working with Horses, Palliative Care, Atlantic Draft Horse Supply, Memories of Our Treasured Parents, My Friends, Lloyd and Eileen, Special Stories from the IPM 2007, Deere Country Prince
  • Fall 2012: Fort Steele Clinic and Field Day, The Horse – Our Dear Companion, Healing Started at Harder’s Workshop, Central Ontario Draft Horse Workshop, Tomato Pie, Your Health, Wealth and Happiness, Spring Wagon Train, Strong like a Bull Smarter than you think, Napanee Fair, David’s Horses Driving People Happy, Staying Connected to My Roots, My Haflingers, Headed Back to the Dark Side, SE Manitoba Plowing Match, The Youngest Plowman, Farmer Gets Help From Horses
  • Summer 2012: Harder’s Heritage, A Visit to Hardys and Harders, Bill and Bernice Hardy, McArthur Plow, Living Close to Nature is Good for your Health, Anhidrosis, Hoof Knives, Hillsdens Orphan Foal, Wagon Rally, Using Draft Horses on my Farm, Richard Douglass – Self Sufficient Farmer, A Letter from Ken, Horses are part of our Family, Competition Plowing with a team, When I was a Boy
  • Spring 2012: Sleigh Ride with the SW Ontario Draft Horse Club, Aaron Martin Harness Shop, Equine Cushings Disease, Thomas Henry Sadler, A Sleigh Ride with Earl Sadler, Horse Powered Snow Fencing and Hay Feeding, True Mentors: Jean Lefebvre and Barbara Newbury, The Mule and the Bull,Clippity-Clop’s Chronicle, Arnold H. Rife, Dead Broke Ranch, Meeting Place Organic Farm
  • Winter 2011/2012: Grandfather George Chant’s Homestead, International Plowing Match 2011, Black Walnut Toxicity in Horses, England Teamster Experiences Driving Horses in Alberta, William Nickel, Paying it Forward, Full Circle – Mulching Strawberries Again, Kale Chips with Cashews, Alberta Carriage Supply 2012 Events, Farewell My Friend, Robin
  • Fall 2011: Guest Editorial, Reader’s Feed Bag, The Gunderson Ranch, How Dental Maintenance Helps Your Horse, Draft Horse Town 2011 – As I Saw It, Alberta Carriage Supply Goes Bigger, Big Ears Donkey Ranch, Grinders, First Start Acres Percheron & Production Sale, Horse Auction, Upper Canada Village Style, George Noble’s Photograph Album, NS
  • Summer 2011: Guest Editorial, Reader’s Feed Bag, Delivering the Mail & Other Horse Stories, Wild Rose Draft Horse Association Sale, Chore or Super Team Competition Elements, Lloyd Smith, Compound Nippers, Falling in Love with the Gypsy Cob, Technical Workshop at Aden Freeman’s, The Wallbank Family of Ontario, Peter Churchill Teaches Draft Horses at Windhorse Farm, Draft Horse and Driving Course
  • Winter 2010/2011: Providence, An Unforgettable Wagon Ride with Good Friends, That Doesn’t Go in There, Gentle Giants Get Their Due, Dave Stewart, Adventures for Seniors, Shakespeare’s Teamsters, Organizing A Draft Horse Club Field Day, A Trip to Montreal in a Glengarry Sleigh 1850, Country Heritage Park Field Day 2010, Horse’s Lovers’ Weekend at Upper Canada Village, My First Year As A Teamster, Blue Grass Garden Centre Pumpkin Festival, Rominick Livestock Services – Cracks Two
  • Fall 2010: A Horse’s Prayer, Alberta Carriage Supply Field Day 2010, Oudshoorn Family at Alberta Carriage Supply Field Day, Harness Tips by Joe Bowman Jr., Brian Sutherland, Knorr’s Cultimulcher, Comments from Terri Mason, Don and Robert Dolgopol, South West Harness and Driving Club, Children’s Make A Wish Fundraiser, Gateway Fabricators Field Day, Haying in Ohio Amish Country, Calgary Stampede 2010, Rominick Livestock Services – Cracks
  • Summer 2010: Reflections of Walter Lawrence, Leeds County Draft Horse Club Field Day, Harder’s Spring Field Day, Quick Change Tongue from a team to 3 Abreast, Clovercroft Farm and Wildflower Fjord Farm, Brownlee Annual Cutter and Sleigh Rally, Poplar Bluff Harness and Tack Shop, Father and Son-Keith and Logan Colbert, The Harness Doctor, Clinton Wisconsin, USA 1916-1918
  • Spring 2010: Bar U Ranch National Historic Site of Canada, Richard’s Visions for Life, Alberta Prairie Wagon Train Rides, Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society, Have you met my bearded Friend?, Old Home Week – Prince Edward Island, Canadian Western Agribition 2009, Gardiner’s Belgians, Creek Side Belgians
  • Winter 2009/2010: Hideaway Farm, Ohio Amish Country, Teamsters of Pioneer Acres, Hitching Three and Four Abreast, Nova Scotia Plowing Match, Sarcoids Be Gone, Fond Memories
  • Fall 2009: Narrows Creek Stable, Horse Logging Project Underway in Provincial Forest, Robert Hess, West Central Draft Horse Association, Leeds County Draft Horse Club Field Day, Leeds County Draft Horse Club Sleigh Ride, Alberta Carriage Supply
  • Summer 2009: Canada’s Little Iron Horse, Aden’s Four Stake Rail Fence, How to Plow a Field, Pioneer Acres, Arnold Rife, Living Artifact, Training Qutie, Rominick Livestock Services
  • Spring 2009: First Adeventures of a Would Be Teamster, Our Hero is Coming Home, Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, Canadian Western Agribition, Kim Fargo, Caitlin MacFarlane, Rockfield Farm Workshops-Carlow/Mayo Pioneer Day, Knorr Equipment and Sales, Gratitude, Jame Grant, Horse Logging 2009 for Dummies
  • Winter 2008/2009: Life Style Choices, Horse Progress Days 2008, Northeast Animal Power Days, Old Consort Hospital Trail Ride, Round Bale Handler, Pete and Cindy, Orwell Corner Historic Village, Terry Morrow’s Story, Riding in the Cyprus Hills, Nova Scotia Plowing Match
  • Fall 2008: Milton’s Heavy Horse Days, The Hornbrook Family, Brooke-Layne Farm, Hay What Hay?, Ontario 2008 World Percheron Congress, World Percheron Congress Plowing Match 2008, Summer Wagon Trains
  • Summer 2008: Family Heritage of Horses, Blair Shaw’s Log Loader, Lyle Killeen, Bits-Collars & Checks, LCDHC Educational Day, LCDHC Field Day, McCormick Deering #7 Mower, Haying in Northern New Brunswick
  • Spring 2008: Irish Sea Moss, Horses or Hippos, Tales of the Horse – Life & Times, Logging with Peter Churchill, The Farm Dump Cart
  • Winter 2007/2008: Heather-Ann and Belle, Annapolis Valley Plow Day, Nova Scotia Plowing Match, 2007 International Plowing Match, Tales of the Horse – Lumber Camps, 2007 Opportunities for Young Teamster, Canadian Western Agribition – NAERIC Sale, Sackville Harness Shop, Hoover Collar Shop
  • Fall 2007: Laurie Blue and his Field Days, The Joy of Horses on Panmure Island, Blues Field Days, Jack’s Clydesdale & Sport, New Custom Made Horse Drawn Hearse, Tales of the Horse, Seeding and Haying in Alberta, Town & Country Carriage Service, Mount Forest Draft Horse Fun Day
  • Summer 2007: My Poppa, Mid’s Fjords, Leeds County Draft Horse Club Field Day, Real Horse Power, Eaton’s House, Slips and Fresnos, Rope and Pulley System, Jumping Percherons, Belgian Mounted Brigade, Remembering John, The Teamsters, The Teachers, My Father, Spring Field Work
  • Spring 2007: Tribute to Hugh Grant, RBC Achievement Awards, Sharing Our Love of Horses – Fairlee Farm, Trot in Time Buggy Rides, Greetings from Maitland, Nova Scotia, Whipple’s Disease, Hitching Post, Eye Cancer in Horses, Orchard Hill Horse Logging Workshop Review, World Percheron Congress & OPHA, The Dream of Farming with Horses, Alberta Fjord Horse Association
  • Winter 2006/2007: Celebration of the life of Winston Curtis, Horses, Sheep & dogs a Great Farming Mix, Aden’s Harness Tip, Christmas Tree Traditions, Percheron Breed Profile, MacGregor’s Annual Wagon Ride
  • Fall 2006: Barr Ranches, Bug Off!, Ross Family of Prince Edward Island, Orwell Corner Historic Village, Roche Percee Trail Ride and Wagon Trek, Finding the Perfect Saddle and the Perfect Horse, Wellington County OPP Mounted Division, Horse Progress Days 2006, Growing up in Alberta
  • Summer 2006: Round Bale Horse Feeder, Fair Winds Farm Workshops, 3rd Annual Cutter Rally for Cancer, Mitchell Family History Album, Harnais JD Harness, Inside an Artist’s World-Granny’s Flat, Rakes, Warkentin Horses, Tri County Draft & Driving Horse Club Workshop, PEI Draft Horse Association Report, Nature’s Miracle
  • Spring 2006: The Beaton Versus the McKinnon Hitch, Horse Logging Peace Country Style, Camp Tamarack, Maritime Fall Fair, Raymond Lacusta Productions, Oakesmuir Curly Horses, Friend and Mentor, The Old Fair Barn, Poisoning of Horses by Plants
  • Winter 2005/2006: Pioneer Acres Centennial Celebrations, My Experiences with Horses, Finding a Mentor, Demonstration Event at Dennis Nygren Farm, A Christmas Memory, Canadian Western Agribition, Howling Acres, Horse Power Days
  • Fall 2005 : Emerald Isle Carriage Tours; A Tribute to George Johnson; Mar-Kehoe Farm;Heavy Horse Field Day; Horse Crazy Since I was a Kid; Pontiac Wagon Train; The Connection Tour; The Newfoundland Pony; The Brabant Belgian Draft Horse; Bob and Diane Fisher and their Canadians; You can take a Highland Anywhere; DHC Photo Contest; The DHC Farm Directory 2005-06; DHC Country Store
  • Summer 2005 : Earler Sadler:Memories of a Muleteer, Lang Pioneer Village, Rural Mail Delivery Sleigh, Strong as a Ox, Build a Shoeing Stock, Super Team Competitions, Barr Colony Wagon Trek, Feeding Hay or Alfalfa Cubes, PEI Draft Horse Association News
  • Spring 2005 : Western Nova Scotia Draft Horse Association Plowing Match, Our Little Work Horses, Percy O’Brien, Nova Scotia Photo Album, Steps for Preparing a Seedbed, Pioneer Acres, Alberta Cutter Rally for Cancer, Spring Plowing Bee, Foaling Record
  • Winter 2004-2005 : Golden Moment Farm, Driving Horses in Saskatchewan – A family Tradition, Snider Horse Memories, Competition Plowing, Leeds County Draft Horse Club Plowing Workshop 2003, The Walking Plow, Canadian Western Agribition, Tetanus in Horses, PEI Draft Horse Association
  • Fall 2004 : Winston Curtis on the Farm, Breed Profile – Shire Horse, Al Barratt’s Horse Adventure Continues, Pontiac Wagon Train Hits the Dusty Trail, Training Teamsters 2004 Review, Leeds County Draft Horse Club Field Day, Driving Draft Horse Workshop – Butternut Farm, The Love of Horses for All Ages, World Percheron Congress, Haying at Ed Belzer’s, North American Belgian Championship V After Thoughts
  • Summer 2004 : RCMP Musical Ride, McCormick-Deering One-Horse Culitvator, Hobby Farming the New Old Way, Dennis and Jean Nygren, Rare Breeds Canada Priority List, Horse Logging – An Extreme Sport, Walter Murray, Bob Sleigh Make, Health – Feeding Rules
  • Spring 2004 : Hugh and Eleanor Grants’ Suffolks, Suffolk Punch Breed Profile, Barry DeJong-Connections, Mowers and Mowing Hay, John Deere #4 Mower Manual, Horse Health Record Pullout, Greetings from the Annapolis Valley, William and Nellie Bucsis
  • Winter 2003-2004 : My Adventures with Valdy, Draft Horses-What could be more fun?, Lanark County Rural Expo 2003, Horses Abound at the International Plowing Match, Lloyd Rosenkerr, J.J. McFadden Lumber Camps, My Lumberjack Friend, Leo Turbide, Walter Murray, The Tongue and Neck Yoke, Equine Digestive Tract, Beaverton Fall Fair
  • Fall 2003 : Reta and Aden Freeman, Anna and Fay Middleton, Norwegian Fjord Breed Profile, Basics for Discing a Field, Massey-Harris Discs, Turner Homestead, World’s Largest Percheron Agricultural Hitch, Ole Getz Part, Danny Van Koughnet, Mules of Bygone Days SOLD OUT 
  • Summer 2003 : Alden Kennedy, Horse Watching the Easy Way, Tribute to Al and Toby Barratt, Bill Hardy, Fun Times with Haflingers, ForeCart Plans, Bill Kardynal, Trees for Livestock Pastures
  • Spring 2003 : Banga’s Clydesdales, Canadian Western Agribition, 2002, Sugar Maple Farms, Southern Ontario Draft Horse Workshops, Gravelridge Draft Horse Workshops, Lee White, Pasture and Hay for Horses
  • SOLD OUT Winter 2002/2003 : Curtis Draft Horses, Western Development Museums, Independent Lady, Muriel Mitchell, Ole Getz Part 2, Horses, Field Days and Fun in Nova Scotia, Special Events Photo Album
  • Fall 2002 : Acknowledging our Teamsters, Workhorse Workshop Memories, Fred McDiarmid-Avonlea Percherons, Tom Wraight – Rockalta Percherons, The Last Great Hitch of the Century, Barn Raising in the Good Old Days, Barb and Terry Torvik, The Belgian Horse, The Yard Hitch
  • Summer 2002 : The Sea, Irish Moss and Draft Horses, Ole Getz, Escape into Woodcarving, The Training Train, A Shared Fondness for Horses, You’ve Got to Love’em, Preserving a Breed – The Spanish Mustang, Layman’s Guide to Mud Fever
  • Spring 2002 : Bear Creek Ranch, Fundraiser for Heart Institute, Garnet “Farmer” McManaman, Mouthing Technique, Resource Directory Pullout, Timber Horse Logging, Into the Future Professionally, Comment from Tree Song Horse Logging, Lyme & Leptospirosis
  • Winter 2001-2002 : Grenlea Farm, Danny’s Training Method, Tips on Buying a Horse, The Oak Log, Saskatchewan Memories, Training a Young Horse, Madawaska Pleasure Riders, Horses Appreciate in Value, Mineral Nutrition for Horses
  • Fall 2001 : Invitation to the Past, Those Were the Days, A Family’s Love For Horses – Scott Ferguson , English Shires, Wagon Master, Mowerman, Ken Laing’s Barn, A Field of Dreams, Teamster Tips – Standing Stalls, Heaves
  • Summer 2001 : Horse Logging in the Ottawa Valley, Horse Logging with the Pros, The Clydesdale, Haying with Horses, He Always Thought the World of his Horses, Alsike Clover Poisoning
  • Spring 2001 : Al Barratt – A Harness Maker, Mountain Valley Farm, Welsh Ponies, Ponderosa Ponies, Hay for Horses, Corn Binder Demonstration, Horses Were His Life, Nick Brown of Saskatchewan, Logging Arch, Timberlogging Equipment
  • Winter 2000-2001 : Sleighs/Cutters, Use of Horse Medicines, Teamster tips, Draft Horses in South Springs Garden, The International Plow, The Haflinger

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