Giving voice to the living tradition of Canadian horse farming and logging.


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I have had an incredible journey the past 18 years of producing and publishing Draft Horse Connection magazine. The folks I have met all across Canada, each and everyone of you have enriched and blessed my life in ways you will never know. I have had the privilege of exploring this beautiful country that we live in from coast to coast all because of you my subscribers and my friends.

September 2013 I started another journey, which has been the most difficult one facing me. I had cancer. So I am very sad to say I will no longer be well enough to continue publishing Draft Horse Connection magazine. The magazine has been a passion for me to preserve our Canadian Heritage through our older teamster’s stories and as well I have been very dedicated in helping beginner teamsters find mentors and providing resources. Ruth Freeman

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Call the office manager Pam Heath at 204-824-2386 or