Growing up on the Family Farm (Book)

Growing Up On The Family Farm

Growing up on the Family Farm is a book written as the stories were told to me from personal interviews with family members. Family photograph albums were searched and collected to go with the stories, which  reflect years of growing up on the farm. Starting
in the Depression when times were difficult the family farm struggled to survive but family ties held strong.

Family members had to work together to make a living from the family farm. There were no extras for the children, but fun was created on the farm from the simple pleasures of nature, playing with animals, riding or driving horses.

Growing up on the Family Farm has given us strong survival skills for today. This book preserves our heritage and roots for future generations. Growing up on the Family Farm starts with my great, great grandfathers Freeman and Chant and continues down through the generations as family members reminisce and tell their stories.

Family favourite recipes are shared as well as personal letters, diaries and farm journals. A special section of the book is dedicated to sharing knowledge from Aden Freeman on his life of farming with horses. Aden shares tips, training methods, equipment setups, and fact sheets, from all aspects of farming with horses in the past and the present. This book has been a labour of love by my family. Ruth Freeman

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