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Horse Power Hitches

Horse Power Hitches | Meet two respected and skilled teamsters from Alberta; Fred McDiarmid and Tom Wraight. Fred and Tom generously and openly share their knowledge while working their Percheron horses, hitched as teams to 4 abreast discing and a an 8 horse hitch on a 3 furrow gang plow using the McKinnon setup and on a 12′ tandem disc using the rope and pulley system. They demonstrate how to set the equipment and hook the horses, while mowing, raking, discing and plowing. Fred and Tom are respected horsemen and mentors. Fred and Tom have a unique relationship working together with their horses, both Fred and Tom know each others steps as they work in unison hooking their horses.

Only on DVD – 1 hour 45 minutes * $29.95  plus 4.95 Shipping/Handling

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Winter scene horse and sled