A Horse Logging Lesson with Peter Churchill


A Horse Logging Lesson with Peter Churchill from Nova Scotia | We first meet up with Peter Churchill while plowing with one horse at the Annapolis Valley Plow Day. Peter invites us back to his farm to give us a horse-logging lesson with his Clydesdale mare. The logging that Peter is involved in is selective logging for a specific purpose not necessarily monetary purposes. Peter works for landowners and on his own property where the motivation is low impact on the forest. Peter talks about safety equipment required, and he demonstrates how to properly fell a red spruce tree. Peter shows us how to notch, make the back cut, cut the butt swell off, cut the tree with a chainsaw, how to use a wedge in the back cut to ensure the tree falls in the direction he wants it to go and how to limb the tree and load it on his custom made Go-Devil for transporting the log with his single horse. The Go-Devil can hold 8-foot firewood as well as haul logs. The Go-Devil has steel runners, measures 28 inches inside the stakes, the sides are beveled in a bit to clear stumps and it is narrower on the top than it is on the bottom so it will not catch while moving the load. Peter believes this tool works well for him, harvesting timber and firewood. The production is a great learning resource for a teamster wanting to learn how to efficiently log with a single horse in his or her own woodlot.

DVD 25 minutes – $14.95  plus $4.95 S/H